12 Days of Christmas Blogging: Ornaments & Love



Welcome to day 2 of 12 Days of Christmas Blogging. Well hello beautiful. Today is Favorite Ornament / Decoration…Christmas Ornament it is. AND… since I like to break the rules a little bit I’m going to be sharing 2 of my favorite ornaments, because they both mean the world to me. They mean so much in fact, the family knows it’s paws off, because I would hate to spend my Christmas sobbing over spilled Christmas ornaments and not rocking around the Christmas tree.

Allow me to introduce you to someone incredibly special…

My Dad

My Dad

I’m sorry. I know the image is a little wonky as it’s a picture of a picture, but seeing that I’m old, digital wasn’t around when I was an itty bitty.

Yes ma’am that man a few lines up is Dad or Big Jim to everyone not quiet lucky enough to call him Dad. He passed away when I was 12, but I don’t want you to know his death. I want you to know him for the amazing life he lived and for the way he shaped the worlds of everyone he met. He lived a life full of purpose, charity, and compassion. Dad never met a stranger, welcoming into is life those down on their luck. I believe that’s how he came to know me, a year old itty bitty down on her luck. He didn’t love me because he had to, he loved me because he chose to. That man you see, he saved this girls life. I’m a very thankful adopted kiddo because of him. From the day he brought me into his world he protected me and even now, I feel his love around me.

Now before the little tears in my eyes, find their way down my cheeks bringing with them my carefully applied mascara, I want to share a holiday story. I don’t remember how old I was, elementary school for sure, but that year all I wanted was snow. I wanted snowmen, snow-angels, snow forts, snowballs, everything snow… I wanted it badly. The problem was, that year Mother Nature decided we didn’t need snow. Nothing, not so much as a faint flurry. Nothing. I was heartbroken. Then a few days before Christmas my Dad woke me up, “Baby girl it snowed last night.” What? I was to the moon and back. I rushed through the window and found I could still see the grass. It had snowed, that much was true, but it didn’t amount to much. “That’s it?” I asked.

He instructed me to get dressed and meet him in the front yard. A few moments later I walked out into the front yard to see a large pile of snow in our driveway, looking around I found the other houses had snowless drives and walkways. “I collected it for you, I know we can’t build everything, but what snow thing do you want to make?” Without even thinking I blurted out, “Seal.” So together in a pile of snow he collected from around the neighborhood we created the perfect Snow Seal, pebble eyes and all.

Even writing this memory makes my stomach flutter with excitement and I realized just now that I have a huge smile on my face. I may have only had him for 11 years, but I’m so very blessed for every single one of those moments.

Now onto the ornaments….

And he was

And he was

This “Best Dad 1989” ornament I saved my very own money to buy when I was 5. I remember feeling so proud to actually give a gift on Christmas. Each Christmas after this was the one ornament Dad would hang, leaving the rest for me to place around the tree.


In middle school I was absolutely obsessed with Sylvester, Dad gave this to me for my 12th birthday. He never got to see me put it on the Christmas tree, but every year I lovingly find a place on the tree where I can see it easily. It makes me smile and brings a piece of that 12 year old girl with me each holiday season. I encourage you to remember that feeling as well. That feeling of youthful fun, when things weren’t all boring responsibility. Remember, Sylvester the cat says it’s okay to be a kid again.

Check back in tomorrow when 12 Days of Christmas Blogging talks DIY Christmas gift. If you haven’t joined the Christmas blogging fun, you can find the details with Mr. Thomas and Me or Hooley with a Z.

Until tomorrow lovelies…

Keep it Sassy & Classy,



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