12 Days of Christmas Blogging- Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

“It’s tarin’ up my heart when I’m with you, but when we are apart I feel it too, and no matter what I do I feel the pain…with or without you….” Oh hello there lovely, fancy meeting you here. Ahem, uh sorry about that. Leaving off-key singing land in….3…..2….1…..

Welcome to December 12th, I hope you are ready to rock around the Christmas tree late 90’s early 00’s style, because today we are talking about Favorite Christmas Music. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy / really really like classic Christmas music, but I love Christmas music brought to me by boy bands. Yes I will admit it, I like boy bands. Okay I don’t like boy bands, I may still have a monster crush on boy bands from music past. Just me?

Hanson, oh pitter patter my little heart, don’t judge me. This song sat on repeat from Halloween to Valentines day when I was a bubbly preppy early teen. There is a specific line in the middle of the song, “Fill the tree with angel’s hair and pretty pretty lights,” I can’t tell you why exactly, but that line just makes my spirit flutter. I know, I know, it sounds cheesy, but hear me out. When I hear it I feel energized, there’s a pep in my step, and I smile like a love struck teenager. It’s a good time, for me at least. Trying to find a link to share this song with you nearly got my internet rights revoked. I believe my Manfriend’s exact words were, “Seriously B, one more time and see what happens.” My thoughts, oooh I wonder what’ll happen, challenge accepted.


N’Sync, Oh Lance Bass, why oh why can’t I be your type. I’m so unlucky in teenybopper celebrity love…sorry I digress. This is another Christmas song that puts a spring in my step and drives my loved ones nuts. Even my favorite little guy (6 years old going on 60) will say, “If you play it again I WILL go sit in the car.” Then I will say, “But baby it’s cold outside.” (giggle giggle) Which he responds, “You’re driving me seriously nuts.” If that’s the case, I’m doing my job. As I write this I’m not actually listening to the song, but still I’m swaying back and forth able to hear it in my head. I’m sure I look like I belong locked up in a padded room (which is actually another N’Sync reference, name that song?!), but hey, quirky is a good thing in my book.

Thank you so much for sharing in my Christmas music guilty pleasures. Please share links in the comments to your favorite holiday songs. I encourage everyone to be open to different genres of music, you never know what you will find out there. It’s a great big world, so try not to paint yourself into a box. Boxes are boring, live in a swirly vortex of glittery fun. Branch out, explore, and for the love of Pete sing along loudly!

Bonus points if you know the N’Sync video that involves a padded room!!

Until tomorrow lovelies…

Keep it Sassy & Classy,



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