12 Days of Christmas Blogging: Christmas Movies & You…Yes You

Happy Monday, nice to see you this fabulous December day, thanks for hanging out for a bit. Today kicks off another week of 12 Days of Christmas Blogging brought to you by: Mr. Thomas and Me and Hooley with a Z. Thanks again girls for bringing us all together in this warm and fuzzy thing we call a link up.

Today we are talking about, “It’s Not Christmas Without.” For me it’s not Christmas without all the things I’ve learned from my favorite holiday movies. So pull up a comfy seat, grab a tub of poppy corn, and lets go to the movies.

 What I’ve Learned From Holiday Movies

Every neighborhood needs a Griswold house, as long as it’s not mine. I want to enjoy the, BLAM, in your face light show without having to pay the, BLAM, in your bank account electric bill. I am a twinkle light connoisseur on a budget. “You Serious Clark?”…You can bet your sparkly Santa hat I am.

Santa has a dark side and twisty slides are evil. This is proof that you do NOT want to end up on the naughty list. When you flip someone off in traffic, cut in line at the grocery store, or steel your coworkers lunch from the work refrigerator you end up on the naughty list. Then Santa takes his great big boot and kicks you down the slide of doom. Think about it, keep your paws off my Lean Cuisine that has my name sharpied all over it. Ho, Ho, Ho.

I don’t care how well behaved you are or your kids are or your hubby is. Somewhere through the wonderful glittery time that is Christmas, someone is going to lose their mind. Fact, there will be a total and complete meltdown. It happens suddenly, or appears to be suddenly for all those not bubbling  up Christmas stress like Mt. Vesuvius. When it hits there will be foot stomping, door slamming, and outrageous sulking. Don’t worry, it will blow over, just slide some milk and cookies into the room and walk away slowly. Remember don’t make direct eye contact with an agitated Grinch.

Embrace the love. This time of year everyone, well…almost everyone, is so happy… go with that feeling. Wallow in the feeling of hope, faith, and joy. Grab ahold of the holly jolliness and carry it with you into January when it’s cold and there isn’t a plethora of glitter. You can feel the joyous YIPPEE of Christmas all year long, so grab an elf by it’s bell shoes and do it!

You are going to forget something. Tape, tissue paper, boxes, your pot luck for the…um… pot luck. It’s going to happen and I want to be the first to tell you that it’s okay. There is always a store open that sells tape, last second gifts, and cookies for the pot luck. Christmas isn’t going to implode, don’t beat yourself up, just jump on the sleigh to warm and fuzzy Christmas vibe land. Just makes sure your children, pets, and hubby/boytoy are all accounted for. We all know how men like to wander off and get themselves lost.

Lastly, if all else fails… dance it out. You drop the ham on the floor, dance it out. You forget Great Aunt Suzy’s Christmas gift, dance it out. You spill egg nog down your less than kind mother-in-law’s new sweater, dance it out. Dancing will in fact cure whatever has you feeling down and out. Don’t worry about who’s watching, just shake that groove thing, yah , yah.

What are some of your favorite holiday movie or movie quotes? Share in the comments.

Until next time lovelies…

Keep it Sassy & Classy,

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