12 Days of Christmas Blogging: All I Want For Christmas…

Christmas is the time of year when you get to hustle and bustle through stores (online and brick and mortar) looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones. Mom wants this, Manfriend wants that, Fiddo like rawhides, and the bff has been begging for that whatchamacallit. So many gifts to buy, return, rebuy, and finally wrap. I can easily get caught up in the dizzying whirlwind that is holiday shopping. By this time, most years, shopping is done and I am elbow deep in wrapping paper and ribbon. You can’t imagine how many times I’ve woken up with a bow on my forehead and random pieces of tape in my hair. It’s chaos with shinny things.

Between the shopping and the wrapping, it’s hard for me to think about myself. Most of the time when someone asks what I want for Christmas my palms get sweaty and my mind goes blank.

Am I too old to ask for a pony? I really would like a pony, but I don’t think our HOA will allow one to hang out and chomp grass in our backyard. Lame city living rules.

Dear Santa (ManFriend/Mom),

I’ve been pretty good this year. I mean I haven’t kicked any puppies and I only ran over that one old lady with my shopping cart. So in the grand scheme of things, I’m alright, right? So with that said, and the understanding that I could have done far worse, here is what I would like for Christmas. If you think of me….and you aren’t too busy. Um, please.

CTFXC Brain Cancer T-Shits (Medium Please)



Chi. Ultra CHI Orbit 3 in 1 Tourmaline Ceramic Curler



Getting in touch with my inner Stepford wife one apron at a time.

And coming up with those three things took me over an hour. So I think I’ll go back to wrapping and ribboning with my Um Face…. Sorry Santa.

As always until next time lovelies,

Keep it Sassy & Classy,

B's Sig


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