About B

Brooke Head Shot 10.18.12_edited-1

I believe that laughter is the best workout for your abs and your heart.

I believe that forgiveness is worth more pride.

I believe in dancing in the rain and singing as off key as possible.

I believe in being sassy while still keeping it classy.

I believe in the power of cheesecake to cure whatever ails you.

I believe in second chances…but third chances are pushing it.

I believe that in this day and age a lady is valuable commodity.

I believe in spell check, because without in my English Degree would have never happened.

I believe in puppies, who doesn’t love a cuddly little puppy?

I believe without a doubt that if you cut me I will bleed salsa.

I believe that you can change and conquer all if you ignore the part of your brain the expresses fear.

I believe in the differences between their, there, and they’re.

I believe that when there is nothing else, you always have a beautiful thing called hope.

I believe me in, perfectly imperfect.

I believe in you, with faith that you can be exactly who your heart desires you to me.


Keep it Sassy and Classy,




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