12/8/13 Weekend in Review

Kicked off the weekend with an Iron Chef challenge, sassy style. My manfriend is one heck of a cook so I figured I would throw a challenge at him. A basket of produce and a mystery protein, combined with a 1 hour time frame and you have delicious entertainment. What started out as…


Ended with this…yummo, you should be very VERY jealous.


Thai Orange Skirt Steak with Radish Greens Spring Roll and Citrus Rice.

I highly recommend the Sassy Iron Chef challenge for your kitchen. Buy whatever produce is one sale, pick a “secret” ingredient (I used skirt steak), invite some judges over (or enjoy it yourself)… and get your cook on. After an hours time there is a delicious meal to enjoy with family and friends.

Typically our house smells of cinnamon, manfriend’s scent of choice, but I decided to spice things up a bit with a candle from Michael’s 3x$10. What an awesome find. The house smells so refreshing with this Mint and Cypress candle by Ashland. I may have a new candle crush


Worked with the kiddos on a “quick” and… cough….cough….easy craft project I also picked up from Michael’s. Loving Michael’s this holiday season with awesome sales and even more fabulous 25% off your entire purchase discounts. Well these little foam projects seriously made me question my smarts, how hard can foam for 6+ be…. you don’t want to know. Two children and one adult does not easy construction make. We may have improvised, we may have used duct tape… but we got it done. Mission accomplished as long as no one looks at them funny because pieces might start falling off.

photo-20 photo-19

All and all a great relaxing weekend at home. Getting some downtime in before the holiday chaos kicks into full force. How did you spend your weekend lovelies? Remember to take a little time for your before the week starts. Yoga, reading, running, bubble bath… whatever your pleasure spoil yourself a little bit.

Keep in Sassy & Classy,