Life Lesson Learned From the Pizza Guy

First and probably most importantly, pizza is freaking delicious. Second hamburger and black olives were born to be together and make lots and lots of pizza babies. That is one of the major contributing factors to my jeans fitting a little bit to snugly. Pizza and Mexican food….why couldn’t I have been blessed with a salad obsession. Sigh, anyway moving on….

So last night my favorite 7 year old gal pal and I had a girls night in. With the men folk out doing man folk things we had full control of the remote…. Winning. Since I am mildly phobic of germs and with flu season in full up swing, we opted to take advantage of some much needed couch time. So I ordered pizza and fired up the good ole Netflix machine.

An hour later there is a knock at the door. I answer wearing yoga pants, teal cami, and gray boyfriend sweater. Truth be told, not my hottest moment, but very very comfy. Comfy is my best friend this winter, I will worry about shaved legs and bikini bottoms in 6 months. So for now, bring on wool socks and yoga tights.

(This may be how I imagined the event below unfolding.)

I open the door to an awkward cold looking pizza guy (writers imagination cast Channing Tatum in the role of the pizza guy), his jaw drops to the snowy porch. “Woah you’re gorgeous,” he says reaching out the receipt for me to sign. I smile sign the slip and thank the nice man, pizza and flattery what great service. He replies, “No thank you, you’re smile made my night.” I was both flattered and inspired by my favorite pizza delivery guy ever. Compliments… Where have they gone?

We’ve become a society of judgy faces. “Look at that girl wearing those pants…omg.” “I can’t believe that guys said that.” “Ugh, did you see that, judgy judgy judgy face!” How fun is this? Let me answer for you, it’s not. Judgy face does not a friend make….but compliments can easily make someone’s year. Seriously, think about.

When is the last time you gave someone a compliment? Next question on our compliment quiz, when’s the last time you gave a stranger a compliment? We’ve developed such a critical eye towards ourselves and others, I feel like we are missing the little things in life. It takes about 2 seconds to tell a stranger, “Great shoes.” How about even a simple, “Thanks so much I really appreciate it,” when someone holds the door for you. It’s not hard, it’s rather easy. Say nice things or smile, you never know what kind of day someone else is having.

That brings me to my next point, you never truly know what is going on in the lives of those around you. That crabby lady that you mumbled under your breath about, maybe her dog died. The screaming kid in the grocery cart that forced you to avoid the cereal isle, maybe he has a double ear infection. The cashier who didn’t talk to you during your checkout time, maybe she’s fighting with her father. You never know, so aim to brighten up the day of those around you. Smile, give compliments freely, and try to keep the judgy face to a minimum.

I could easily pass judgment on someone, that takes little to no effort, but compliments take a little courage. Random acts of kindness people, if I can do it being a bit bashful, so can you. Today I encourage you to give one random person you don’t know a compliment. Just one simple, “hey you’re awesome”, sort of comment to a complete stranger. Then carry this mission with you home or when you go out with friends this weekend. Tell those you love how much they mean to you or how great they look. Spread the love and leave your judgy face for another day.

You mission if you choose to except it, spread a little warm and fuzzy this weekend.

As always until next time,

Keep it Sassy & Classy,


12 Days of Christmas Blogging: All I Want For Christmas…

Christmas is the time of year when you get to hustle and bustle through stores (online and brick and mortar) looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones. Mom wants this, Manfriend wants that, Fiddo like rawhides, and the bff has been begging for that whatchamacallit. So many gifts to buy, return, rebuy, and finally wrap. I can easily get caught up in the dizzying whirlwind that is holiday shopping. By this time, most years, shopping is done and I am elbow deep in wrapping paper and ribbon. You can’t imagine how many times I’ve woken up with a bow on my forehead and random pieces of tape in my hair. It’s chaos with shinny things.

Between the shopping and the wrapping, it’s hard for me to think about myself. Most of the time when someone asks what I want for Christmas my palms get sweaty and my mind goes blank.

Am I too old to ask for a pony? I really would like a pony, but I don’t think our HOA will allow one to hang out and chomp grass in our backyard. Lame city living rules.

Dear Santa (ManFriend/Mom),

I’ve been pretty good this year. I mean I haven’t kicked any puppies and I only ran over that one old lady with my shopping cart. So in the grand scheme of things, I’m alright, right? So with that said, and the understanding that I could have done far worse, here is what I would like for Christmas. If you think of me….and you aren’t too busy. Um, please.

CTFXC Brain Cancer T-Shits (Medium Please)



Chi. Ultra CHI Orbit 3 in 1 Tourmaline Ceramic Curler



Getting in touch with my inner Stepford wife one apron at a time.

And coming up with those three things took me over an hour. So I think I’ll go back to wrapping and ribboning with my Um Face…. Sorry Santa.

As always until next time lovelies,

Keep it Sassy & Classy,

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12 Days of Christmas Blogging: Christmas Movies & You…Yes You

Happy Monday, nice to see you this fabulous December day, thanks for hanging out for a bit. Today kicks off another week of 12 Days of Christmas Blogging brought to you by: Mr. Thomas and Me and Hooley with a Z. Thanks again girls for bringing us all together in this warm and fuzzy thing we call a link up.

Today we are talking about, “It’s Not Christmas Without.” For me it’s not Christmas without all the things I’ve learned from my favorite holiday movies. So pull up a comfy seat, grab a tub of poppy corn, and lets go to the movies.

 What I’ve Learned From Holiday Movies

Every neighborhood needs a Griswold house, as long as it’s not mine. I want to enjoy the, BLAM, in your face light show without having to pay the, BLAM, in your bank account electric bill. I am a twinkle light connoisseur on a budget. “You Serious Clark?”…You can bet your sparkly Santa hat I am.

Santa has a dark side and twisty slides are evil. This is proof that you do NOT want to end up on the naughty list. When you flip someone off in traffic, cut in line at the grocery store, or steel your coworkers lunch from the work refrigerator you end up on the naughty list. Then Santa takes his great big boot and kicks you down the slide of doom. Think about it, keep your paws off my Lean Cuisine that has my name sharpied all over it. Ho, Ho, Ho.

I don’t care how well behaved you are or your kids are or your hubby is. Somewhere through the wonderful glittery time that is Christmas, someone is going to lose their mind. Fact, there will be a total and complete meltdown. It happens suddenly, or appears to be suddenly for all those not bubbling  up Christmas stress like Mt. Vesuvius. When it hits there will be foot stomping, door slamming, and outrageous sulking. Don’t worry, it will blow over, just slide some milk and cookies into the room and walk away slowly. Remember don’t make direct eye contact with an agitated Grinch.

Embrace the love. This time of year everyone, well…almost everyone, is so happy… go with that feeling. Wallow in the feeling of hope, faith, and joy. Grab ahold of the holly jolliness and carry it with you into January when it’s cold and there isn’t a plethora of glitter. You can feel the joyous YIPPEE of Christmas all year long, so grab an elf by it’s bell shoes and do it!

You are going to forget something. Tape, tissue paper, boxes, your pot luck for the…um… pot luck. It’s going to happen and I want to be the first to tell you that it’s okay. There is always a store open that sells tape, last second gifts, and cookies for the pot luck. Christmas isn’t going to implode, don’t beat yourself up, just jump on the sleigh to warm and fuzzy Christmas vibe land. Just makes sure your children, pets, and hubby/boytoy are all accounted for. We all know how men like to wander off and get themselves lost.

Lastly, if all else fails… dance it out. You drop the ham on the floor, dance it out. You forget Great Aunt Suzy’s Christmas gift, dance it out. You spill egg nog down your less than kind mother-in-law’s new sweater, dance it out. Dancing will in fact cure whatever has you feeling down and out. Don’t worry about who’s watching, just shake that groove thing, yah , yah.

What are some of your favorite holiday movie or movie quotes? Share in the comments.

Until next time lovelies…

Keep it Sassy & Classy,

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12 Days of Christmas Blogging: DIY Orange Dream Sugar Scrub

Day three of 12 Days of Christmas Blogging brings us to, DIY Christmas Gifts. I love this one. Raise your hand if you like soft skin. Raise your hand if you like soft skin that smells amazing. Raise your hand if you like to have soft skin that smells good AND you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it. I thought so me too.

Forget pricey scrubs, this  DIY sugar scrub is so good you can even eat it. That’s right, this scrub is 100% edible so you aren’t smearing any yucky chemicals on your skin. Do I have your interest? Good keep reading…

I may not be the craftiest person in the world, but I still love the feeling of giving a DIY gift. I know that venturing into stores this time of year is fantastic fun, what with Christmas music and the holiday season people watching, but there is a personal element that is missing. DIY gifts always add a touch of, “Hey you, yah you, you’re worth it.(Winky Face)” (I’m sure that sounds silly, but DIY gifts get me all warm and fuzzy. Here is one of my favorite DIY projects, this is super easy, if I can do it so can you. I promise.

Orange Dream Sugar Scrub


Zest from 1 orange (two oranges if you want it extra orangy)

1 tsp. vanilla extract, (two tsp. if you want it extra dreamy)

1/4 cup EVOO (Extra virgin olive oil)

1 cup Sugar

photo 3-1

(This can easily be double or tripled for larger batches, I did a single batch for this DIY how to)

Combine all of your ingredients into a mixing bowl and stir until fully combined.

photo 1-2

Once all of your ingredients are combined, put your delicious smelling mix into mason jars or other storage containers. This single batch made three of these containers for me. Add a beautiful bow or wrapping for a little extra pizzazz. You can’t go wrong with ribbon.

photo 2-2

I have made this for a few years now and it’s always a big hit. I’ve used it for both stocking stuffers and bigger gift combined with a  loofa. Spa products are awesome and the Orange Dream Sugar Scrub, won’t disappoint. The entire process took me less than 5 min, so you can make several in no time at all. Perfect for stockings or treats for the ladies in the office. My man friend won’t admit it, but he uses it sometimes as well, but that will have to be our little secret.

Try it out and let me know what you think. Do you have a favorite sugar scrub recipe? Thank you so much for sharing in Day 3 with me, I’m loving this Christmas adventure. Tomorrow we talk, Christmas music. If you are are 90’s kid like me you won’t want to miss this.

Until next time lovelies…

Keep is Sassy & Classy,


12 Days of Christmas Blogging- Christmas Trees & Shiny Things

I couldn’t be more thrilled to be taking part in 12 Day of Christmas Blogging with Mr. Thomas & me and Hooley with a Z . This is my first adventure taking part in something like this and I’m like a little kid on Christmas Eve (insert jumping up and down and clapping here). And… composing myself.

Today December 9th is Christmas Tree/Home Decor. I am going to share a few of my favorite things this Christmas decorating season. I’m still trying to get a grasp on what my Christmas decorating taste is. During my college years and right out of college Christmas decorating for me meant putting a snowman any and everywhere one would fit in my tiny apartments. Now that I live in the “big girl” world and have a “big girl” life I’m searching to find my place in all things Christmas Decor.

The pieces I want to share with you are all new, thank goodness for a local hobby store and their amazing holiday season discounts. Raise your hand if you are a, more bang for your buck kind of bargain shopper, like this gal right here. I want fabulous, I need beautiful…but I must have without question a great deal for it. Fabulous on a Budget is what I call it. Alright without further waiting or blogger rambling, here are a few of my favorite things.


I love these little guys. Originally $19 a piece, cough cough for garland deer, but with my Fabulous on a Budget research I got them for $3. Thank you very much, don’t mind if I do, oh yeah and I’ll take two. When I purchased them the store clerk asked where they would be going, I told her on our mantel. My Manfriend, he’s funny or thinks he is, chimed in with, “Yeah for target practice”. The store clerk then looks horrified as though he was talking about harming a living breathing creature, looks at me with the widest eyes and says, “You won’t let him do that right?” She will be happy to know that Holly and Mistletoe (yes I named them) have safely sat on the mantel for an entire 3 days without sniper fire.


This guy sits in our kitchen protecting our butcher-block of knives. I will be the first to admit that I catch food on fire, burning it to charcoal by simply thinking about it. So Manfriend, I’m such a lucky girl, does most if not all of the cooking in our house. I picked up this piece for a kitchen invasion. You see Manfriend made me promise I wouldn’t allow Christmas to take over the kitchen, so the Nutcracker was my version of  a compromise. He doesn’t have Christmas in his face while he fattens us all up and I still get my hint-o-Chistmas victory. It’s a win, amiright?


My favorite thing this year is a Christmas card I received from two very dear friends. I already knew the news, but being a writer seeing it in print made it a little more real. These two loving, amazing, fantastic, big hearted people have struggled for years with infertility problems. Then a true miracle happened, the two were blessed with baby in the making. I couldn’t be more excited to be on this adventure with them to welcome their bundle of blessings into the world June 2014. This is proof that hope, faith, and miracles are real.

I want to wrap this up with a little food for thought this christmas:

twinkle lights copy

Until tomorrow everyone…

Keep in Sassy & Classy,


10 Signs You Might Be A Control-a-Holic

I would like to come clean right here and now, I am a recovering control-a-holic. I’m not proud of it, but I have spent the better part of my nearly 30 years as a micromanaging control freak.

You know you want one.

Hey you, yes you the one in the shirt reading this post, don’t read it while holding your head like that. You’ll stress your neck bone and get a migraine and not get your stuff done and have to take yucky medicine and and and…..(controlling hyperventilation starting now…)

Often times my controlling dictations began as what I ignorantly called, helpful suggestions. However, if my suggestion went ignored I pushed a little, then a little bit harder, until finally my frustrated head was spinning around spewing green goo. At it’s worst festering point everything I said was one of those unwanted forceful “helpful” (inset major air quotes) suggestions. Imagine my surprise when my family and friends got more than a little sick of it all.

Duh, I know right.

10 Signs You Might Be a Control-a-Holic

1. No one can accomplish any task without you adding your 2 cents, but of course you know exactly how to install a circuit breaker control panel… you saw it on YouTube once.

2. Your children can’t function without you directing them precisely what to do… freedom of thought, what, when did that start? “Mom what do you want me to do?” “Okay, what do you want me to do now?” “And now, now what do you want me to do?”

3. Your husband/boyfriend/manfriend, cringes when you use the word “suggestion” “thought” or the phrase “can I say something?” How could the possibly think they no how to do anything better? You’re only trying to help them get the job done quicker, better, smarter, etc etc.

4. When your gal pal asks for relationship advice you dictate a 25 page monologue, insisting she take notes. Then you email, text, Facebook, Tweet, and smoke signal her hourly to make sure she is following the “Relationship Rules” you outlined for her.

5. You’ve booted Father Time and taken control of all that is scheduling.  4pm- snack time, 4:25pm potty break, 5:00pm movie time (your choice of course), 6pm dinner (you don’t care what it is as long as it’s exactly what you want), 7pm-dinner clean up (plates facing to the left in the dishwasher and the glasses at a perfect diagonal)…..What time is breathing scheduled?

6. If someone helps you out by completing chores/tasks, you follow behind and redo it to your specifications. Heck no we don’t fold socks in this house, by gosh we roll them. “So you’ll roll’em and you’ll like it mister.”

7. People tense when you are around, it’s of course because they respect you. Not so much, that tense up, stand a  tension, is called fear not respect. People tense and walk on egg shells because they don’t want to hear the fallout from displeasing you by drying their hands on the wrong towel.

8. You are quick to point out others mistakes and turn a blind eye to yours. You told them not to frost the holiday cookies like that and now look what happened. See the house exploded because they mopped vertically instead of horizontally, you told them so. Billy cheated, well you told her he was a loser, but did she listen to you, noooo. Sure enough everyone’s lives would be so much easier if they just listened to you in the first place.

9. You wear the sexy panties, therefore you decide when the sheets get some playtime. Your man is left groveling, begging, and getting shot down in the bedroom. Those who wear the panties dictate sexy sexy time, leaving frustrated unhappy men in their wake.

10. You’ve made a store clerk cry.  How dare he think cans and boxes can go in the same bag. It’s not that hard she should know of every single item in the big box store that is one sale. The nerve. Suddenly you see red and all basic kindness goes right out the window, but they should have known better. ( I actually watched this on go down today over a Rainbow Loom, the poor cashier was in tears.)

Bonus: You talk things to death, because if you say it a 12th time in the 4th different way they will really understand. A topic that should take 2 min, “Hey sweetie can you please shut the fridge door when your done.” Turns into, “Lauren what did I tell you, when you leave the fridge door open after getting your juice box the electricity bill goes up and you kill the earth. Do you want to be a murderer little Lauren. Because if you….” (Keep on talking because they aren’t listening.)

If any or all of these sound like you, take a deep breath, we can get through this. Check in next week as I share great ways to tackle the control-o-holic monster. You too can decrease the stress of control and ease the tension of those around you. It’s never to late to turn over a new leaf and enjoy each and every day to the fullest. After all, today is here and now, get out there and live it.

Keep in Sassy & Classy,