Life Lesson Learned From the Pizza Guy

First and probably most importantly, pizza is freaking delicious. Second hamburger and black olives were born to be together and make lots and lots of pizza babies. That is one of the major contributing factors to my jeans fitting a little bit to snugly. Pizza and Mexican food….why couldn’t I have been blessed with a salad obsession. Sigh, anyway moving on….

So last night my favorite 7 year old gal pal and I had a girls night in. With the men folk out doing man folk things we had full control of the remote…. Winning. Since I am mildly phobic of germs and with flu season in full up swing, we opted to take advantage of some much needed couch time. So I ordered pizza and fired up the good ole Netflix machine.

An hour later there is a knock at the door. I answer wearing yoga pants, teal cami, and gray boyfriend sweater. Truth be told, not my hottest moment, but very very comfy. Comfy is my best friend this winter, I will worry about shaved legs and bikini bottoms in 6 months. So for now, bring on wool socks and yoga tights.

(This may be how I imagined the event below unfolding.)

I open the door to an awkward cold looking pizza guy (writers imagination cast Channing Tatum in the role of the pizza guy), his jaw drops to the snowy porch. “Woah you’re gorgeous,” he says reaching out the receipt for me to sign. I smile sign the slip and thank the nice man, pizza and flattery what great service. He replies, “No thank you, you’re smile made my night.” I was both flattered and inspired by my favorite pizza delivery guy ever. Compliments… Where have they gone?

We’ve become a society of judgy faces. “Look at that girl wearing those pants…omg.” “I can’t believe that guys said that.” “Ugh, did you see that, judgy judgy judgy face!” How fun is this? Let me answer for you, it’s not. Judgy face does not a friend make….but compliments can easily make someone’s year. Seriously, think about.

When is the last time you gave someone a compliment? Next question on our compliment quiz, when’s the last time you gave a stranger a compliment? We’ve developed such a critical eye towards ourselves and others, I feel like we are missing the little things in life. It takes about 2 seconds to tell a stranger, “Great shoes.” How about even a simple, “Thanks so much I really appreciate it,” when someone holds the door for you. It’s not hard, it’s rather easy. Say nice things or smile, you never know what kind of day someone else is having.

That brings me to my next point, you never truly know what is going on in the lives of those around you. That crabby lady that you mumbled under your breath about, maybe her dog died. The screaming kid in the grocery cart that forced you to avoid the cereal isle, maybe he has a double ear infection. The cashier who didn’t talk to you during your checkout time, maybe she’s fighting with her father. You never know, so aim to brighten up the day of those around you. Smile, give compliments freely, and try to keep the judgy face to a minimum.

I could easily pass judgment on someone, that takes little to no effort, but compliments take a little courage. Random acts of kindness people, if I can do it being a bit bashful, so can you. Today I encourage you to give one random person you don’t know a compliment. Just one simple, “hey you’re awesome”, sort of comment to a complete stranger. Then carry this mission with you home or when you go out with friends this weekend. Tell those you love how much they mean to you or how great they look. Spread the love and leave your judgy face for another day.

You mission if you choose to except it, spread a little warm and fuzzy this weekend.

As always until next time,

Keep it Sassy & Classy,


Little Miss Excuseopotamus

Darn you little miss Excuseopotamus…

The Excuseopotamus is an elusive creature that scurries around our lives without detection. It is wrapped in a disguise of reasons and explanations, but when you strip away the hogwash you’re left with a monster beast of epic proportions. You see this tiny creature is actually a gargantuan, an ogre, a run as fast as you can to escape from it sort of thing. Don’t let the Excuseopotamus confuse you, it’s not your cuddly warm fuzzy friend, it’s an evil foe to be slayed like a fire breathing dragon.

My Excuseopotamus has got the best of me this year, that sneaky little she-devil. I was going to start “running” this year, I swear I was, (raises right hand) truly I had every intention of enjoying the fresh air and “running”. I really really was going to “run”, but…. it was too hot, cold, windy, sunny, rainy, earthy, sinusy… EXCUSEOPOTAMUS.   Truth be told I chose to sit on my but and drink wine instead of “running”. What happened, I Excuseopotamused myself. It’s okay, I’ve figured out how this creature works.
This year I was going to focus on my writing. I really truly honestly for sure was. Then I became a sensitive artist and talked myself right out of writing. I can’t do it, I just can’t, sniffle, poor me. How can I ever compete with all of these other amazing authors. I suck, whine, whine… ooh wine, I love wine. I should drink wine instead of write. EXCUSEOPOTAMUS ATTACK…. run! Truth be told I made the choice to not write and spend hours watching Netflix. Yup poor me and 6 seasons of Gossip Girl.
It’s a Thursday like any other Thursday except for one tiny fact. Today is the day that I package up my Excuseopotamus and ship it to the Arctic Circle. I send it with a one way ticket, holes punched in the box of course, and a pledge forget what that pesky little thing ever looked like. Today, rain is something to dance in, not something to hide from.
I want to encourage you to tell your Excuseopotamus to move on and ship it. You have an amazing life to live without the weight of a 1 million billion trillion ton beast. Honestly who wants to stand on a scale and see any extra weight. Free yourself and do your thing girl.
As always, until next time….
Keep it Sassy & Classy,
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Movie Reflection

movie time copy


Why hello there, thanks for stopping by, random impromptu blogging here. It could get interesting… let’s see how this goes.

Last night, after much kicking and screaming, ManFriend agreed to watch…..

Best Man Holiday

I know right, how I talked him into it is nothing short of a Christmas miracle. So we settle into the opening credits, which only resulted in a half dozen ManFriend under his breath comments. Yet another small victory. About a half hour into the movie ManFriend leans over and this conversation happens:

ManFriend “Oh I get it, you wanted to see this movie because it’s about a writer.”

B “Why would that make me want to see this movie?”

ManFriend “Because you’re a writer, duh.” (yes there was actually a duh)

B “I’m not a writer.”

ManFriend “Oh you aren’t huh, then what are you? Because when I look at you I see a writer.”

You see up until about a year ago I knew exactly what I wanted from life. I would write a book, find an agent, publish said book, and have happy happy readers. Life would be good. Then reality set in, writing was easy, editing made me want to kick puppies (disclaimer: no puppies were wounded in the making of this blog, nor would a tiny puppy fall victim to a punt from my foot, this is simply dramatic umph). Editing I found, kept me up late at night, caused me to question my talent, and forced me into a dark dark corner that no writer ever wants to find themselves in.

The corner devoured me about 8 months ago. I stopped writing. Stopped cold turkey and put on blinders to anything involving writing. I occupied my time with crafting, even teaching myself to crochet. With my almost 30 life crisis in full swing I told those close to me, I don’t want to write anymore. They smiled, nodded, and prepared for the Bpocalypse. My talent had dried up, I was useless, a writer in a wordless world. It was all a rather dramatic spiral of insecurities and Negative Nancy ways of thinking. I was a frumpy huffy down and out hot mess. Then I just stopped talking about it all together, stopped thinking about it even for a second, and filled my head with other things.

Then came last night, a simple movie night in appearance, but an eye opening moment at its core. ManFriend still saw it, through all of my life makeup and fancy frilly coverup, deep down inside of my heart… I’m a writer. Scared, nervous, self doubting, high-strung, overly emotional writer. I put pen to paper creating worlds and people that I love as though they walked from the pages. I feel every single period, comma, and quotation. Every details is obsessed over, “Should she wear the purple sundress or the tan jumper?” My world will always have a hole in it, if I’m not writing.

So I stand before you knock knock knocking on 30’s door and I’m scared. I’m terrified. I’m bamboozled. I’m a fiction writer who is going to set out on writing her first book post Writer Meltdown. (I’ve written 5 other fiction books that I’ve been to chicken to pull out of my desk drawer.) I’m not sure where this adventure is going to take me, but I’m feeling more like me today than I did last week. In being reminded of the writer within my bones, I’m ready.

Thanks for sharing in this “Ah hah” moment with me.

As always, until next time.

Keep it Sassy & Classy,

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